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A Chaminé

Seafood restaurant; Traditional Portuguese

Large and aired restaurant, located 100 from the beach, serving delicious traditional dishes. Excellent wine menu.

A Casa do Avô

Traditional Portuguese

In the restaurant the House of the Grandfather, the tab, served à la carte, but the Menu of the Grandfather is undeniable. For 19.90 euros, you can enjoy a b...

A Cozinha do Manel

Traditional Portuguese

This house offers traditional Portuguese cuisine, made in wood oven and with rich servings. A series of books, gramophones and collections of wine bottles co...

Adega do Refúgio da Vila

Traditional Portuguese

Restaurant belonging to the Hotel Refúgio da Vila which combines products and typical flavors authentically, without forgetting the Alentejo wines as a side ...

Adega Leo do Petisco

Regional; Traditional Portuguese

Simple space located close to the Centre of Setubal. Is much sought after by fried cuttlefish, the specialty of the House. If you prefer, you can choose to t...

Adega Típica 25 de Abril

Regional; Traditional Portuguese

O restaurante Adega Típica 25 de Abril, em Beja, tem já méritos comprovados na gastronomia alentejana e continua a conquistar quem por lá passa, desde 1980. ...