Edifício do Hotel das Américas

This is one of the most emblematic buildings of the city, a fine specimen of the New Art. He currently works for a hotel.


Rua Engenheiro Von Hafe, 20-22


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Monuments near Edifício do Hotel das Américas

Avenida da Força Aérea Portuguesa, Aveiro

Capela de Nossa Senhora da Alegria

Manueline chapel dated from the XVI century, of which remains the ogival arch of the transept. In 1554 the principal chapel was covered with Azulejo Sevilhano …

Rua Cândido dos Reis, 146, Aveiro

Edifício de Francisco Rebelo dos Santos

Art Nouveau décor building, probably built in 1911, second attests to the date inscribed on the façade tiles, signed by Alfredo Pinto da Fonte Nova. Emphasis o…

Avenida Doutor Lourenço Peixinho, Aveiro

Estátua do Doutor Lourenço Peixinho

This statue is a tribute of Aveiro to Doctor Lourenço Peixinho, a city autarchist during the 20ies, who contributed to the development of the city. It’s locate…

Largo da Estação, Aveiro

Fachada da Estação de Aveiro

Building covered with tile panels Source factory New (1916), which reproduce info on the main monuments of the region and the country. Have an exceptionally lo…

Largo do Senhor das Barrocas, Aveiro

Igreja do Senhor das Barrocas

Built in 1722, the crucifix was put inside the chapel in 1732. In the XVIII the panels and lateral altars were covered in golden woodcarving and the small bell…

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