Relógio Solar de Couço

Sundial that measures the passage of time by observing the position of the Sun as the position of the Sun varies, the shadow moves from the surface of the dial, passing successively by the lines that indicate the hours.




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Monuments near Relógio Solar de Couço

Edifício na Rua Direita

Sunny two-storey building. Situated in the historic centre, with the main facade facing the main route of movement.

Edifício no Terreiro do Brito

House situated next to sidewalk access to the Church of Nossa Senhora do Castelo, in the middle of an area of recent urban growth. Sunny building, House-type l…

Antas da Herdade da Água Doce

Set of Dolmens situated in the extreme south of the municipality of Coruche. Are dated from the Neolithic and Chalcolithic.

Casa da Herdade do Monte da Barca

Sunny building with chapel incorporated. Surrounding the main building, there are homes for rural workers and agricultural warehouses. The Chapel is a fine exa…

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