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Cultural Centers in Lamego

Museu de Lamego

  • heritage

Largo de Camões
5100-147, Lamego


Located at the old city's Bishop's Palace, this museum was created in 1917. It feature a rather eclectic collection, mostly of the 18th century but ranging from the 1st century AD to our days. The Renaissanc period stands out, with a special not to the Flammish tapestries and to the paintings by Vasco Fernandes.

Biblioteca Municipal de Lamego

  • heritage

Rua de Almacave, 9
5100-109, Lamego


Founded in 1989, this library once belonged to Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. It has a wid collection of national and international press and is also a municipal archive.

Teatro Ribeiro Conceição

  • art

Rua do Teatro
5100-211, Lamego


This building, dating from the 18th century, has worked as a Hospital and infantry regiment. Only in 1929 is that opened as a theatre, lasting until 1987. After restoration, it reopened in 2007. The room of spectacles, circular in plan, is covered with a dome and the places are distributed by audience and two levels of staterooms with balconies ornamented. The building is classified as a Building of public interest.