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Percurso Pedestre das Cortezinhas (PR2)

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Largo da Igreja
2450, Famalicão


Pedestrian path with 1.5 kilometres.

Percurso Pedestre da Oficina do Ouro (PR3)

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CM 1383
4830, Sobradelo da Goma

Póvoa de Lanhoso

A pedestrian walk that includes a visit to the Oficina do Ouro (Gold Workshop), a traditional family business whose origins date back three generations, devoted to working silver and gold, namely the art of filigrans.

Penedos de Fajão

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Estrada Cruz Castanheira a Gralhas
3320, Fajão

Pampilhosa da Serra

The Penedos de Fajão are located at an altitude of almost 900 metres.

Parque Paleozóico

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Rua Padre Santos Loureiro
4440, Valongo


A space that shows the natural heritage of this region. There are three dofferent paths that must be walked and an interpretation centre, located in the recovered building of an old water mill and saw factory. Here one can get to know the park's activities and find information that is available on different supports.

Ciclovia de Serpa

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Circular Interna
7830, Serpa


Space dedicated to the practice of cycling.

Buraco da Moura - Quedas da Caniça

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Lapa dos Dinheiros
6270-651, Seia


In the Valley of ribeira da Caniça, a tributary of the river Alva, you will find landscapes of great natural beauty, including the beautiful waterfalls of ribeira and Buraca da Moura, a small cave located at the foot of the mountain.

Branda da Portela

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Castro Laboreiro
4960, Castro Laboreiro


A 750 metres trail along the landscapes of Castro Laboreiro, in the heart of the Peneda Mountain.

Serra dos Gaiteiros

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Serra dos Gaiteiros
2950, Palmela


The Gaiteiros Mountain is located by the Arrábida Natural Park. It is 3 km long.

Serra do Risco

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Serra do Risco
2900, Setúbal


This hill belongs to the mountain range that includes the Arrábida Hill and ends abruptly by the sea. It reaches its peak at the Píncaro, at an altitude of 381 metres, and it is hence the highest cliff in continental Europe. An excellent place for mountain climbing.

Serra do Mendro

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Serra do Mendro
7960, Pedrógão


The Mendro Hill separates the Baixo Alentejo region from the Alto Alentejo and is located in the limits of the districts of Évora and Beja, between Vidigueira and Portel, and belongs to the Old Massif to the south of the Tagus river. Its hillsides are tree covered and one may view, from the Mendro hill, on the foothills, a lovely panorama to the south, from Vidigueira, Beja, harvest lands and olive trees.

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