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Heritage in Portugal

Edifício do Hotel das Américas

  • heritage

Rua Engenheiro Von Hafe, 20-22
3800-176, Aveiro


This is one of the most emblematic buildings of the city, a fine specimen of the New Art. He currently works for a hotel.

Edifício da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra

  • heritage

Largo da Porta Férrea
3000-447, Coimbra


Building resulting from the reform of the New State to the University City of Coimbra. Consists of a quadrangular plant with seven floors, organized around a central space.

Convento dos Capuchos

  • heritage

Serra de Sintra
2710, Sintra


Built in the middle of cliffs and vegetation, this Convent is also known as convent of Santa Cruz da Serra or Cork. Simple construction of great rusticity was founded in 1560, by Dom Álvaro de Castro, as fulfilment of a vow he had made to his father, Dom João de Castro. In this space all is miniaturial, the tiers, lined with Cork, the refectory and the small church with the marble altar, whose Vault was carved in the rock itself. It is assumed that was abandoned in 1834, following the extinction of the religious orders determined by the liberal regime.

Casa Grande

  • heritage

Largo do Terreiro, 1
6370-332, Fornos de Algodres

Fornos de Algodres

Rural Solar 1500s, with a chapel built on the facade. Presents a longitudinal plant in U, which develops around several courtyards. Located near the right side, is a chapel dedicated to Nossa Senhora do Socorro.

Casa Museu dos Patudos

  • heritage

Rua José Relvas
2090-102, Alpiarça


Building with traces of Raul Lino, presents a facade consisting of two bodies. The West Wing is framed by a large gallery consisting of arches of neorromânticos capitals. Also referred to as Casa de José Relvas, this space houses paintings, sculptures, furniture and ceramics, among other collections.

Edifício do Teatro Académico Gil Vicente

  • heritage

Praça da República
3000-343, Coimbra


Set of two buildings, one of them the theatre itself, with plant in range and three floors, and the choir room, of rectangular plant and three floors. It was built between 1959 and 1961, working only with one-off shows. In 1966, was installed a film projection machine, giving priority ever since the film industry. It consists of a room with a capacity between 500 to 1000 places distributed by audience and a balcony, and a large stage.

Quinta da Senhora das Dores

  • heritage

Rua Capitão Lebre
3810-384, Aveiro


Also known as Quinta de Verdemilho, this farmhouse was built between 1720 and 1750. Contains a shrine and rectangular plan, bypassed internally by a path. Near the gate and located near to the wall is a stone of arms with the arms of Quevedos or Pizarros and Sousas.

Edifício do Majestic Café

  • heritage

Rua de Santa Catarina, 112
4000-442, Porto


More than a cafe, the Majestic symbolizes an important part of the city's history. It was inaugurated on the 17th of December 1921, with the name of Elite. In spite of the furor of the inauguration, this name did not last, changing from Elite to Majestic, name more appropriate to the spirit of the goers. Restored in the early 90s, it consists of a large rectangular room where, on both sides, there are bench seats, in engraved leather, in front of which are placed the tables and chairs. The plaster ceilings are meticulously crafted, the walls are mirrored, the floor …

Eco Palacete Borralho Relógio

  • heritage

Rua Doutor João de Almeida Tojeiro, 6
7940-122, Cuba


Esta casa privada com cerca de 140 anos de história remonta ao século XIX. Requalificada em 2015, reúne todas as condições para eventos exclusivos e com tradição. Existe ainda a possibilidade de visita guiada sob marcação, onde poderá ver os ricos elementos Arte Nova, reflexo da Belle Époque, como os estuques fingidos, o ferro forjado e os azulejos.

Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Velha

  • heritage

Rua das Parreiras
3040-242, Coimbra


The monastic set (church, cloister, and bowery) has great cultural and architectonic value. The church is an exemplar of the mendicant Gothic. Worthy of notice are the notable Hispanic Arabian glazed tiles panels, the rose-window at the occidental front and the magnificent renaissance arch that comes into view under the arch of the epistle nave.

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