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Heritage in Portugal

Ponte Filipina

  • heritage

6100-519, Sertã


It is placed above Zêzere River and it was built during Felipe’s period between 1607 and 1610. It replaced a former Roman bridge which, meanwhile was flooded by Bouçã lagoon. It has three arches with 62 metres high. The road that crosses this bridge linked Beira Baixa and Beira Litoral until the construction of Cabril´s dam.

Capela de Santa Eulália

  • heritage

4990-690, Nogueira

Ponte de Lima

Chapel with portals without columns and imposed the cantilevers design, where prominent figures of characters hands up or bust. The arcosolium tomb with the date of 1391 and chancel with gilded altarpiece.

Monumento ao Trabalho

  • heritage

3750-301, Águeda


Source with the name of the town, located next to some old machines for the manufacture of motorcycles. The meaning focuses solely on the job.

Palácio e Quinta do Correio-Mor

  • heritage

2670, Loures


This Palace name comes from the fact that it used to belong to Luís Gomes Mata, High- Courier during Felipe II Kingdom. It was built on the 18th century and it probably has outlined by the Italian António Canevari, one of the architects from Mafra Convent. It is preceded by a blazoned door giving access to the yard. On the inside it stands out the glazed tiles and the stucco ceilings with José da Costa Negreiros paintings. To point out, on the gardens, the waterfalls and the glazed tiles with mythological scenes.

Antas da Herdade da Água Doce

  • heritage

2100, Couço


Set of Dolmens situated in the extreme south of the municipality of Coruche. Are dated from the Neolithic and Chalcolithic.

Muralhas de Monção

  • heritage

4950-422, Monção


This nucleus is integrated in the former defensive system in Minho’s border. It used to be a war square.

Solar dos Noronhas

  • heritage

3640-160, A-de-Barros


Solar declared Property of public interest.

Aqueduto de Torres Vedras

  • heritage

2560, Torres Vedras

Torres Vedras

Gothic aqueduct with a length of two kilometers. Is formed by two orders of arches, running water in underground and surface channels. Aimed to supply the village.

Ponte de Mondim

  • heritage

4880-263, Ponte

Mondim de Basto

Bridge over the Tâmega River. Presents contemporary architecture. Arch Bridge Board, plan based on four arches back perfect.

Ponte de São Vicente

  • heritage

4730-400, Ponte

Vila Verde
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