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Parque de Campismo Praia da Saúde

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Praia da Saúde
2825-412, Monte Da Caparica


Benefiting from the vicinity of Lisbon, this campsite has modern facilities, where you can enjoy a pleasant stay in family, near the most beautiful beaches of the Costa de Caparica. Offers bar\/restaurant, public telephone, living room with TV and numerous amenities to offer you a pleasant stay.

Parque de Campismo da Costa da Caparica

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Clube de Campismo de Lisboa - Caparica
2825-450, Monte Da Caparica


This campsite, which benefits from the proximity of Lisbon, is an ideal destination for rest and regain strength. Near the beaches of Costa da Caparica, offers numerous amenities, such as bar\/restaurant, playground, animation, in order to provide pleasurable experiences for the whole family.

Parque de Campismo de Almornos

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2715-244, Pêro Pinheiro


The Almornos campsite is a green and fresh area, an ideal retreat to enjoy their weekends or holidays away from the hustle of big cities. It's a great starting point to visit and explore the monuments of Sintra, just 15 miles away.

Camping Lake

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Rua do Rio, 5 - Alverangel
2300-152, São Pedro de Tomar


No Centro de Portugal, a 4 Km da Barragem de Castelo de Bode, novo parque aberto todo ano. Envolvido por bela paisagem verde, à beira rio em que a boa qualidade da água e o bom tempo convidam ao descanso e prática de desportos. Excelente gastronomia, vinhos, eventos, música, passeios pela região, História fazem as delícias de quem nos visita. Conceito ecológico. Novas instalações, estacionamento privativo, acesso direto ao rio.

Parque de Campismo Municipal de Castelo Branco

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EN 18
6000-113, Castelo Branco

Castelo Branco

The Parque de Campismo Municipal de Castelo Branco, located near the Centre of the city of Castelo Branco is a friendly space where you can enjoy moments of peace and quiet in nature. It also suggests a garden tour of the Episcopal Palace, a visit to the Museum Tavares Proença Júnior and also Ported sixteenth century.

Parque de Campismo Rural de Rio de Onor

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Aldeia de Rio de Onor
5300-821, Bragança


The Rural campsite Rio de Onor, located in the Montesinho Natural Park, is just 25 miles from Bragança. On this site you can enjoy cheerful moments of conviviality in direct contact with nature and enjoy the lush landscapes of the Park of Montesinho. Here you will find natural scenery and conditions still ideal for mountain sports, or even to go hiking.

Parque de Campismo Orbitur da Ilha de Armona

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Ilha de Armona - Apartado 487
8700-282, Olhão


This Bungalow Park is situated on a small island opposite the town of Olhão. Offers amenities and facilities for washing clothes and dishes, as well as a playground for children's joy.

Resort Vale do Lobo

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Rua do Bispo
8135-864, Almancil


From magnificent Apartments Villas, all accommodations are equipped with a complete range of appliances, television, telephone and air conditioning. Various sports activities are also available, including two golf courses, a tennis Academy with 14 courts, lawn bowling and water sports of summer.

Parque de Campismo Parque Verde

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Rua da Escola, 9 - Fontainhas
2840, Fernão Ferro


The Green Park, located in Fontainhas, is a green space with beautiful lawns, ideal to enjoy your holidays or weekends away from the hustle of big cities. Enjoy to play with the kids, catch the afternoon sun or prepare meals outdoors, socialising with friends. Here you will have access to all services of the Park, from the swimming pool, gym, Auditorium, restaurants and market. Enjoy and visit the archaeological site of Coina or moinho da maré de Corroios.

Parque de Campismo Lagoa

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Avenida dos Pinheiros
2970-436, Lagoa de Albufeira


The campsite pond, located on the shore of the lagoon of Albufeira, is a tranquil space, with excellent conditions for water sports. It has a lounge where you can enjoy playing snooker and chat. This Park embraced renewable energy with heating of water by solar thermal and electric power production. Its main points of interest the Cabo Espichel, the Centre of Sesimbra and Arrábida.

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