A strongly rural village, surrounded by rather lovely landscapes. The inhabitants are mostly farmers and shepherds. The granite houses lend it a traditional atmosphere. Agra is known as the brithplace o the traditional "mantas de burel". It has a horse riding centre and the pedestrian walk of Moinhos do Ave, the spring of the Ave river and the Cabreira Mountain.




Villages near Agra


A set of rural architecture with dolmens and menhirs.


A village with old stone rural houses, located in a scenic area. Nearby, there is the Misarela brifge on the Rabagão river. This bridge is also known as the De…


A traditional village with rural houses with masonry, namely the cornices. It has several water mills and a communal oven. A special not to the Fountain House …


A set of popular houses, mostly granite constructions that date back to the Middle Ages.


A scenic village where the old rural architecture with carved masonries stands out. A special not to its cobblestone streets, the water mills and the communal …

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