Where to sleep in Angra do Heroísmo

Rua Dom Dinis, 7, Miranda do Douro

O Mirandês

Apartments with modern decoration and structures, located in the city centre, complemented by a nice restaurant. Offers activities such as donkey rides, boat t…

Rue 1º de Maio, 2, Miranda do Douro


3 star

Nice and cosy Hotel, located in the Trás-os-Montes plateau, offering well-equipped rooms, laundry, bar and room service. Is a good starting point to meet the e…

Rue 1º de Maio, 25, Miranda do Douro

Residencial Planalto

Hotel housed in a old House overlooking the Castle and the Cathedral, in the Natural Park of Douro international. It has 32 rooms and highlights the fact that …

Rua 1º de Maio, 5, Miranda do Douro

Hotel Turismo de Miranda do Douro

3 star

Modern Hotel, situated in the historic area of Miranda do Douro, with 30 well-appointed rooms and various services available. Careful decoration and moderate p…

Rua 1º de Maio, 5, Miranda do Douro

Rua do Mercado, 7, Miranda do Douro

Flor do Douro

Simple and unpretentious Inn, located in the city centre, offering twenty cozy rooms.

Rua do Cabeço do Forte, Miranda do Douro

Residencial Cabeço do Forte

Simple and familiar residential, located on the highest point of Miranda do Douro, offering beautiful panoramic views over the historic centre of the city. Off…

Rua do Mercado, 57-59, Miranda do Douro

A Morgadinha

Simple and familiar Hotel with 13 rooms unpretentious but welcoming.

Rua do Mercado, 63, Miranda do Douro

Pensão Vista Bela

Pension from familiar surroundings with a beautiful view over the dam and the River, to offer eight rooms and a family-like atmosphere. Good quality\/price rat…

Largo do Chafariz, Miranda do Douro

Rua da Igreja, Miranda do Douro

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