Where to sleep in Portugal

Rua 8 de Março, 15, Madalena

Rua Padre Raimundo Garcia Bulcão Duarte,12, Madalena

Rua Conselheiro Terra Pinheiro, 3, Madalena

Hotel Caravelas

4 star

Hotel with excellent location that offers 50 rooms and 17 apartments, comfortable and fully equipped. Opened in 1988, is located 100 metres from the gare marit…

Rua Conselheiro Terra Pinheiro, 3, Madalena

Rua Doutor Freitas Pimentel, 18, Madalena

Rua Ouvidor Medeiros,1, Madalena

Estrada Regional, 1, 1 - 2, São Caetano

Estrada Regional, 1, Criação Velha

Canada do Monte, 12, Criação Velha

Rua Doutor Manuel de Arriaga, 23, Madalena

Avenida Padre Nunes da Rosa, 22, Madalena

Avenida Padre Nunes da Rosa, Lote 6, Madalena

Rua Alexandre Herculano, Madalena

Jeirões Apartamentos

4 star

Set of ten apartments T1 (capacity for 4 people), equipped with air conditioning, wireless internet, telephone and television. For the supply of hot water are …

Ramal do Calhau, Candelária

Ramal do Calhau, Candelária

Rua da Arrochela, 14, Pedro Miguel

Rua Boa Vista, 1- A, Pedro Miguel

Estrada Regional, 16, Pedro Miguel

Quinta da Abegoaria

Nice area with three holiday cottages T2, T3 and T4 and other support building, where is the laundry room, Office and a small Museum of agricultural implements…

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