Capela de São Sebastião

Is a small chapel located in the center of the city, next to the Town Hall. The exterior of the chapel reveals Baroque-inspired decorative elements. Is to enhance the image of the martyr Saint Sebastian in the niche of the facade.


Rua Doutor Adolfo Portela


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Monuments near Capela de São Sebastião

Antiga Chaminé da Fábrica de Telha e Tijolo

It is a very tall, illuminated chimney, built in brick.

Escultura Força... Justiça... Paz...

It is a modern sculpture in stone and stainless steel, where a hand holding a bird. The significance of this sculpture is "Strength. Justice ... Peace ... The …

Fonte da Praça do Município

Great source of stone carved marble, with a rectangular tank and two cocks. Insculpidas presents the Portuguese guns.

Fonte do Botareu

Source with tiles representing a daughter-in-law in the river.

Homenagem do Povo de Águeda ao Benemérito Conde de Sucena

A bronze sculpture of the bust of the count of Sucena that represents a tribute to the people of Águeda this meritorious. Can be seen an inscription that says:…

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