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Centro Comercial STOP

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Rua do Heroísmo, 329
4300-096, Porto


Opened in 1982, it was a shopping center in the city for many years. Nowadays, stores became studios and rehearsal rooms, now being born as a kind of musical incubator in Porto. There are more than 100 rooms from which various musical styles come from and some artists, such as Manuel Cruz, from Ornatos Violeta, have their name associated with the space.

Centro Comercial Oceano

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Rua Doutor Manuel Simões Gomes Coelho, 11
2675-337, Odivelas


Two-storey shopping centre and approximately 75 stores, located in the Centre of Odivelas.

Centro Comercial Antas

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Rua Professor Bento de Jesus Caraça, 93
4200-131, Porto


This two floors’ shopping centre has a 1500m2 commercial area and 47 shops. The building was built to be a commercial and residential one. It has a catering area.

Centro Comercial O Salinas

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Avenida Paulo VI
2040-243, Rio Maior

Rio Maior

Shopping Center with 1 floor, has a commercial area with 2396m2. Building adapted, with commercial, residential and offices. Has 30 shops and is located in the city centre. Is open between the 8:0 and 9:0 pm. No hypermarket, supermarket.

Centro Comercial Marquês Sá da Bandeira

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Rua Marquês Sá da Bandeira, 479
4400-217, Vila Nova de Gaia

Vila Nova de Gaia

A mall located in the city centre. Its 2 floors (commercial area of 2396 m2) have 32 shops, restaurants included. It is open from 9 am to midnight.

Baixa do Porto

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Rua de Santa Catarina
4000, Porto


Downtown Porto, with streets almost entirely dedicated to commerce, is an authentic open-air shopping center. The center of all this excitement is Rua de Santa Catarina, every day invaded by a sea of people, looking for something to buy or just to walk around. It is in Baixa (Downtown) that you can also find the oldest and most typical cafés and pastry shops in Porto, which were once the scene of lively gatherings. Café Majestic, Confeitaria Ateneia and Café A Brasileira are a good example. With the day almost over and the shops closed, the entertainment moves to the theaters …

Praça Gil Eanes e Zona Circundante

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Praça Gil Eanes
8600, Lagos


Square located in the center of the city, very busy and with great commercial activity. It is often the stage for street shows, especially music. The surrounding streets are pedestrianized and have landscaped areas that invite you to take a stroll. Street sales is quite common and competes with the shops in the area.


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Baixa Lisboeta
1200, Lisboa


It is one of the most characteristic quarters of the town, filled with history and tradition. It was the subject of a recuperation plan, due to the serious fire of 1988. The Portuguese traditional commerce prevails here, with big shops, prêt-a-porter and accessories shops, haberdasher's shops, shoemaker's, goldsmith's , workmanship, decoration and other sort of commerce.

Amoreiras Shopping Center

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Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco
1070-103, Lisboa


This is one of the largest shopping centres in Lisbon, planned by the architect Tomás Taveira, with 4 floors and a commercial area of 38143m2. It was built for its commercial, residential and business purposes in 1985 and, since then, its daring architectonic style created a lot of discussion. It has 286 shops, a supermarket, 13 banks and 40 restaurants.

Centro Comercial dos Carvalhais

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Rua de Zulmira de Azevedo
4780-564, Santo Tirso

Santo Tirso

Mall of any dimension (7328m2) spread over 2 floors and for more than 100 establishments. The opening hours are 9:0 at 12:0 am. It has restaurants and cinemas.

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