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Reserva Natural das Berlengas

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Arquipélago das Berlengas
2520-644, Peniche


Islands located to the northeast of Peniche and the Cape Carvoeiro, a granite formation that is about 280 millions of years old. The largest is the Berlenga Island, but there are several smaller islands around it (Cerro da Velha, Estela and Meda do Norte, among others). It is one of the main nestling and refuge spots for sea birds and also houses a series of other species. Among the animals, a special note to the presence of lizards, namely the ocellated lizard, and among the plants, many herbal species.

Ciclovia de Almeirim

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2080, Almeirim


The bike lane of Almeirim is a via for touring cyclists and all those who are interested in the site. A good way to get to know the region more healthy!

Percurso Pedestre dos Moinhos de Parada

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4980, Lindoso

Ponte da Barca

A small pedestrian trail at the Lindodo parish, in the village of Parada. The trail crosses lush vegetation areas, old abandoned mills and wonderful hillside by the Lima river. A special note to the natural pool known as Poço da Gola, a unique, edenic place.

Paisagem Protegida do Corno do Bico

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Corno do Bico
4940, Favais - Moselos

Paredes de Coura

A small natural sanctuary of this parish. A space of rare beauty that was changed by man even though the many local species, both of plants and animals, were never placed at risk.

Baloiço Panorâmico de Mação

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Serra do Bando dos Santos
6120, Mação


Ecopista do Corgo

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Rua do Noval, 2
5450-287, Telões

Vila Pouca de Aguiar

A Ecopista do Corgo resulta da recuperação da antiga linha ferroviária, que unia Vila Pouca de Aguiar a Vila Real, e que foi desativada em 1990. È uma via que permite a circulação a pé, de bicicleta ou a cavalo.

Parque Municipal do Sítio das Fontes

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Parque Municipal do Sítio das Fontes
8400, Estômbar


A place of rare beauty along the left bank of the Arade river. The park occupies 18 hectares, with several environments: the "sapal", the bog, the woods, a lagoon, farmlands and water courses. Nearby there are vestiges of human activities, namely two watermills. There is a reception building, the guard's house, wc, an outdoors amphitheatre, a picnic area, a fitness circuit and a quay that were recovered together with the mills.

Pico Ana Ferreira

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Pico Ana Ferreira
9400, Ponta do Cabeço

Porto Santo

This is a set of prysmatic columns with irregular shapes, popularly known as the "Piano". This is where one can find the Pedreira belvedere, from where one can view the Fora islets and the Facho and Castelo peaks.

Paisagem Protegida das Lagoas de Bertiandos e São Pedro d'Arcos

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Lagoas de Bertiandos e São Pedro d'Arcos
4990, Bertiandos

Ponte de Lima

The Lagoons of Bertiandos and São Pedro d'Arcos develop around two lagoons and the banks of the Estorãos river. This space has rich nd fertile vegetation, essential to the river system. There are several trails, always in touch with nature.

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