Music festivals: discover the stages where magic happens

Discover the other side of the green spaces and other dream places that serve as the backdrop for the main music festivals in Portugal.

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Hotels with water parks: entertainment for the whole family

Do you come back from vacation with your kids more tired than you went? We have the solution: hotels with water parks!

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25 amazing blue flag beaches in Portugal

Dive into our list: we have chosen the most desirable blue flag beaches of Portugal


Three routes to discover Lisbon by electric scooter

Do you want to explore some of Lisbon's main sights in an easy way? The electric scooter is increasingly popular, and w…


Adventure itinerary: 6 extreme activities to your bucket list

Test your limits with the adventure itinerary that All About Portugal has prepared for you. Warning: contains a high am…

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Writers' Houses to discover in Portugal

All About Portugal has prepared a literary itinerary to tour Portugal and explore the homes of great Portuguese writers.


The best beaches on Lisbon's surroundings

Around Lisbon there are charming beaches, suitable for an invigorating swim. Discover the best beaches in Lisbon to spe…

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30 terraces not to be missed in Lisbon and Porto

With a beer or an ice cream, in the summer, no one can resist an afternoon well spent on a terrace with family or frien…


Enjoy the summer on the best rooftops in Lisbon and Porto

When we think of summer, we immediately think of beach and terraces, but this year we are going to raise the game and …


Find out about Michelin Star restaurants in Portugal

Portugal has 33 Michelin Star restaurants, making a total of 40 Stars.

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Music in Porto: 10 mandatory stops for music lovers

Can't live without music… even (or especially) when you're on vacation? Portuguese musician Manuel Justo, from the band…

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Portugal: on the route of digital nomads

Portugal is at the top of the preferences of digital nomads. If you are one of them and still haven't decided where to …


The best restaurants for children in Lisbon and Porto

Children are the best thing in the world, but don't you miss a quiet, unhurried and tantrum-free meal? All About Portug…

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