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Activities for rainy days with children

It's not always easy to think of activities for rainy days with children. All About Portugal selected ten options, in Lisbon and Porto, where the kids can go to burn off some energy.

Trains in Portugal: 8 “stations” you must visit

All About Portugal shows you some must-see stops for fans of trains in Portugal, no matter how old. Come aboard and dis…


The best places to practice sports in Lisbon

Do you like running or playing football and are you, or are you going to be, in the Portuguese capital city, even just …

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8 villages near the border that are worth visiting

These villages close to the border will seduce you for their historical, natural and gastronomic richness. Discover eig…


Six places to see snow in Portugal

Seeing snow is always a magical event, especially for those who are not used to it. All About Portugal suggests six pla…


Street Markets in Portugal: a secular tradition

From the Algarve to Minho, there are many street markets in Portugal where you can buy a wide variety of products. Some…


Hot Portuguese dishes for cold days

These are Portuguese dishes that bring tradition, flavor and (many) calories to the table, and help you to heat up in t…

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New Year's Eve in Madeira and Azores: 8 unmissable suggestions

Changing scenery to welcome the new year is half the battle to getting off on the right foot, so let yourself be tempte…

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6 Christmas Traditions in Portugal you must know

Join All About Portugal and discover the most curious Christmas traditions in Portugal.

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9 Christmas Markets you can't miss

In December, join All About Portugal on a visit to some of the busiest Christmas Markets in Portugal.

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Find out 20 villages near Porto

Find out 20 villages near Porto and travel trough both worlds: the cosmopolitanism of a big city and the quietness of t…


10 Adventure Parks from North to South of Portugal

With more or less adrenaline, depending on each one's taste, there are Adventure Parks throughout Portugal, which will …

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10 branded images of Portugal that make amazing gifts

This year start your list in advance, All About Portugal helps: they are branded images of Portugal and great ideas for…

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