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30 terraces not to be missed in Lisbon and Porto

With a beer or an ice cream, in the summer, no one can resist an afternoon well spent on a terrace with family or friends. All About Portugal shares 30 terraces that you will want to visit in Lisbon and Porto.


Enjoy the summer on the best rooftops in Lisbon and Porto

When we think of summer, we immediately think of beach and terraces, but this year we are going to raise the game and …


Find out about Michelin Star restaurants in Portugal

Portugal has 33 Michelin Star restaurants, making a total of 40 Stars.

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Music in Porto: 10 mandatory stops for music lovers

Can't live without music… even (or especially) when you're on vacation? Portuguese musician Manuel Justo, from the band…

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Portugal: on the route of digital nomads

Portugal is at the top of the preferences of digital nomads. If you are one of them and still haven't decided where to …


The best restaurants for children in Lisbon and Porto

Children are the best thing in the world, but don't you miss a quiet, unhurried and tantrum-free meal? All About Portug…

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Accessible beaches: Summer vacation for everyone

All About Portugal made a list of 12 accessible beaches, for those who need special attention. We always keep in mind t…


Algarve: discover the treasures of Lower Guadiana

The Eastern Algarve area, right on the border with Spain, has a lot to explore. Lower Guadiana is full of wonders of Na…

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Holidays with friends: group activities for the summer

Summer means doing different things Follow All About Portugal's suggestions and make your holidays with friends or fami…


Vacation alone: summer activities to do without company

Going on vacation alone? Check out All About Portugal's suggestions and get ready for an incredible summer in the best …

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Free or low cost activities with children in Porto area

It's not always easy to find activities, for children, that are different and are not heavy for your wallet, but All Ab…


Traditional Portuguese Games: a long-lasting legacy

In an era where the youngest spend hours “stuck” to screens, traditional games are an excellent way to bring them to mo…

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Santos Populares: itinerary for the São João night in Porto

Music, grilled sardines and lots of entertainment on the longest night in “Cidade Invicta”: the festivities of São João…

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