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Heritage in Portugal

Percurso Pedestre Urbano Costa Nova (PR2)

  • heritage

3830, Costa Nova do Prado


A circular urban trail that is around 3.5 km long, along the streets of the Costa Nova do Prado. It shows the people, the culture and the architecture.

Olaria Romana da Quinta do Rouxinol

  • heritage

Rua Rouxinol
2855-205, Corroios


Can be seen, only the lower two furnace piriformis plant furnaces, with a small access corridor and three arcades of grid support (however felled). Were found discarded materials during the manufacturing process in two pits located south of ovens. Is classified as a national monument.

Paço dos Duques de Bragança

  • heritage

Rua Conde Dom Henrique
4810-245, Guimarães


This is a 15th century Monument constructed by orders of Dom Afonso, Count of Barcelos. It is a building with huge dimensions, with four bodies that surround an inside yard in rectangular plan. This construction probably occupied the place from the former Palace from León Kings. It was rather altered throughout of the centuries and recently restored. It deserves special mention the Gothic chapel doorway, the “lost steps” and the dining room. It possesses a Museum where we stand out the four copies from Pastrana tapestries that describe some of the episodes in the African conquest, the core on Flemish …

Casa do Corpo Santo / Museu do Barroco

  • heritage

Rua do Corpo Santo
2900, Setúbal


Convento de Jesus - Igreja de Jesus

  • heritage

Rua do Balneário Doutor Paulo Borba
2900-261, Setúbal


Convent founded by Justa Rodrigues Pereira, love of d. Manuel, in 1490, during the reign of King John II. This monarch, who the following year visit the works, decided to expand the initial project. The conduct of delivery works by Diogo de Boitaca, the first architect of the Jerónimos, who performs his first job in the country. The convent has a beautiful portal and Windows Manueline. Inside highlights the beautiful columns torsas Church-Hall that belonged to the convent of the Poor Clares-Franciscan nuns, who due to belong to a cloistered order, watched mass choir-high. The chancel is covered with green …

Museu de Arqueologia e Etnografia do Distrito de Setúbal

  • heritage

Avenida Luísa Todi, 162
2900-451, Setúbal


A space where one can view archaeological collections, mainly from the areas to the south of the district. It has an ethnography section connected with the fishing and agricultural traditions of the region and miniatures of boats and factories built by the popular artist Borda d'Água.

Biblioteca Anexa Municipal de Coimbra - Pólo de Ribeira de Frades

  • heritage

Beco do Adro
3045-430, Ribeira de Frades


It is a Municipal Library of Coimbra polo. Integrates an internet space.

Museu de Cerâmica de Sacavém

  • heritage

Rua Álvaro Pedro Gomes - Urbanização Real Forte
2685-137, Sacavém


Located in the old Tableware Factory of Sacavém, this museum has two temprary exhibitions rooms. It features exhibitions of the ceramics work and the production, with a special note to a 19th century oven. It has also a documental centre about Industrial History and an auditorium with 100 seats.

Torre da Alfândega - Aqui Nasceu Portugal

  • heritage

Rua do Anjo, 15
4810-152, Guimarães


It was known as Torre da Alfândega after the Alfândega de Guimarães building was created in its vicinity. The passage by this point is almost obligatory for those who visit the city for the first time. It is mainly known by the famous inscription "Here was born Portugal".

Arco do Repouso e Muralhas de Faro

  • heritage

Rua do Repouso
8000, Faro


Entrance door to the meedieval walls, built by the muslim prince Bem Bekr as a defense against the Christian invasions. It's constituded by two watchtowers with two sid entrances.

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