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Heritage in Portugal

Museu do Brinquedo

  • heritage

Largo de Santa Rita
6270-492, Seia


Located in the Centre of Seia, the Toy Museum was opened in 2002 and features a collection of about 8000 toys of Portugal and in the world, from past to present. The Museum was born with the intention of valuing a period of life that is critical to the overall development of human beings: the childhood. Is aim of this museum space enhancing the playful activity and the right to play, preserving memories, customs and beliefs of ancient times and today. Still plays an important role in the consolidation of cultural ties between Portugal and the world.

Capela de São Pedro

  • heritage

Avenida Dr. Joaquim Guilherme Correia de Carvalho
6270-492, Seia


Romanesque chapel, rebuilt in the 16th century on an ancient temple built between the 12th and 13th century. Features a Bell Tower and diagonal buttresses that support a starry dome of coverage. The altar is covered the hispano-Moorish edge tile. The primitive Temple exists the portal, flanked by two inscriptions identifying the periods of construction and reconstruction.

Mosteiro de São João D'Arga

  • heritage

Arga de Baixo
4910-035, Arga de Baixo


Situated in the Serra De Arga, presents this monastery dedicated to St. John the Baptist. Currently the only Chapel opens to hikers on feast days.

Castelo do Lindoso

  • heritage

Lugar de Castelo
4980-451, Lugar do Castelo

Ponte da Barca

Construction of the reign of d. Afonso III, on top of a Rocky Hill, next to the village. Star-shaped Castle foursquare, has a tower keep about 15 feet tall. There are still some semiesféricas domes at the corners of the wall, with embrasures for the use of firearms. Has a museum inside.

Santuário do Bom Jesus do Monte

  • heritage

Monte do Bom Jesus
4715-056, Bom Jesus


This church was constructed under the orders of archbishop Dom Gaspar of Bragança in 1784 and it was ready in 1811. It is one of the first neoclassic buildings in Portugal and it was drawn by the architect Carlos Amarante.

Teleférico da Penha

  • heritage

Lugar das Hortas
4810-025, Guimarães


The journey on the Teleférico da Penha begins at the aerial tramway's terminal. It offers unique views of the city until it reaches its peak, on the Alto da Penha. There, apart from the belvederes with excellent views, there are also restaurants, bars, a hotel, a camping park, a mini-golf course, a maintenance circuit, picnic areas and, for the most adventurous, caves just waiting to be discovered.

Casa da Rua Dom Duarte / Paço da Torre

  • heritage

Rua de Dom Duarte
3500-101, Viseu


According to tradition, this was the birthplace of the king Dom Duarte. In the granite building, a manuelin window topped by a coat of arms stands out.

Catedral de Santa Maria de Viseu / Sé de Viseu

  • heritage

Adro da Sé
3500, Viseu


This gothic building was subject to several modifications as the time went by and thus has romanic, gothic, manuelin, manneristm renaissance, baoque and modern features. In the main façade one can view the images of Saint Mark, Saint Lucas, Saint John, Saint Mathew, Saint Teotónio and Our Lady of Assunção. A special note to the chorus chairs, the golden carvings of the 18th century, the cloister of the 16th and 18th centuries and the tumular chapels.

Biblioteca Municipal do Sabugal

  • heritage

Rua Luís de Camões, 16
6320-380, Sabugal


The library consists of a reading room, an audiovisual room and a multipurpose room.

Casa dos Condes / Solar dos Cabrais

  • heritage

Praça da República
6250-073, Belmonte


Mannerist building with three floors, the presenting features of mannerist architecture. It was probably built in the 18th century or 19th century, having already belonged to Cabral family and Earls of Belmonte.

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