Discover the best chocolate shops in Portugal

Know where to buy high-quality artisan chocolates. The best chocolatiers offer authentic delicacies that are to die for.


The Best Places to Dive in Portugal

The extensive coastline available is one of the reasons that makes diving in Portugal an increasingly popular option. A…

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Fishermen and Tradition: The Most Beautiful Fishing Villages

All About Portugal drew up a route through some of the most beautiful fishing villages in Portugal, which have withstoo…


New Year's Eve in the Algarve: 10 Dream Destinations

The mild climate and a varied choice of beaches are the reasons many head for the South of Portugal and choose the Alga…


Military Tourism: 12 locations not to be missed in Portugal

Portugal has a long tradition of castles, maritime forts and other military constructions. Discover a Military Tourism …

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The 10 Best Walkways in Portugal to Explore Nature

From the north to the south of Portugal, from the coastal strip to the countryside, walkways are an increasingly strong…

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Family Holiday: All-Inclusive Resorts in Portugal

Looking for a dream holiday in Portugal, where you just have to lay out your towel and relax, without having to worry a…

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10 Free New Year's Eve Programs in Portugal

From north to south of the country, also passing through the islands, there is guaranteed animation and a lot of music …


27 Restaurants For Dinner Out on Christmas Eve

Looking for a different Christmas Eve this year? See the list All About Portugal has prepared, with some of the restaur…

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Roadtrip on EN2: Portugal from North to South in 4 Days

By motorcycle or car, there is a trip that will invoke your spirit of adventure or romance, and that you have to take a…

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Halloween: 13 Haunted Places That Will Make You Shiver

All About Portugal went from north to south looking for “cursed” spaces for a truly scary Halloween. Be afraid!


The Best Regional Sweets of Portugal

Is there a better reason to visit a place than to taste a typical sweet? Discover 12 good – and tempting – reasons to k…

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Hole in One: 15 Dreamy Golf Courses in Portugal

Playing while admiring a breathtaking scenery is just one of the attractions that both professional and amateur golfers…

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