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Portuguese locations with funny names

Have you ever imagined yourself at Paraíso (Paradise) or at Purgatório (Purgatory)? These are just two examples of the many Portuguese towns with funny names that you'll want to visit.


Street Markets in Portugal: a secular tradition

From the Algarve to Minho, there are many street markets in Portugal where you can buy a wide variety of products. Some…


Mountain Villages: what to see near Serra da Estrela

Snow is the main attraction in winter, but in the area of the majestic Serra da Estrela Mountain Villages are not lacki…

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Historical Villages: 12 Treasures to Discover in Portugal

Located in the countryside, these villages preserve a vast and very rich historical and patrimonial legacy. There are c…


Serra da Estrela Cheese Fairs: Keeping the Tradition Alive

The king of Portuguese cheeses is spoken and tasted throughout the year, but it is in the months of February and March …


Rural Tourism to enjoy the snow in Serra da Estrela

In the highest mountainous area of mainland Portugal there are accommodations where intense contact with nature promise…


10 Villages in Portugal for an Unforgettable Family New Year's Eve

Near Serra da Estrela, in the Center of Portugal, there are must-see places, great for entering the New Year in the bes…


Slice or Spoon: There are Many Cheeses to Savour in Portugal

Whether made with goat, sheep or cow milk, excellent cheeses abound in the country, from Trás-os-Montes to Alentejo, an…

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Halloween: 13 Haunted Places That Will Make You Shiver

All About Portugal went from north to south looking for “cursed” spaces for a truly scary Halloween. Be afraid!


12 thermal spas and hot springs in Portugal to Improve Your Health and Well-being

Take advantage of the healing powers of the hot springs that abound throughout Portugal. As the old saying goes, a heal…

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The best river beaches in Central Portugal

From the Serra da Estrela area to the Santarém and Portalegre districts there are beautiful freshwater beaches.

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12 reasons to have your dream wedding in Portugal

We show you some of the idyllic scenarios to "say yes" to the love of your life, from north to south of the country.

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12 destinations to visit in Portugal

Twelve obligatory and unique experiences to know our country a little better.

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