Antigo Convento da Ordem de Avis

Temple founded in uncertain date, but knowing that it was rebuilt in the mid-17th century. In appearance it keeps the moth. The Church has a simple porch, crowned by a pediment with the arms. The chancel, of Renaissance style, was built in 1694, being the rest of the Church of Baroque feature. It is saved on the local convent the famous shrine of St. Peter and St. Paul, silver marquetry work of 15th-century goldsmithery.


Largo Cândido dos Reis, 3


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Monuments near Antigo Convento da Ordem de Avis

Castelo de Avis

Built in the 13th century, the castle was rebuilt in the 15th and 16th centuries. Its construction is due to Fernão Anes, master of the military order of Avis.…

Igreja e Antigo Hospital da Misericórdia

18th century temple with adossado Hospital, in good condition. Features single ship, sacristy and chancel. The main altarpiece is neoclassical style, made with…

Pelourinho de Avis

It has a small base where it settles a square shaft finished by a capital with acanthus leaves. Above it there is a halfspheric urn with four frowns and four g…

Torre de São Roque

Of the six towers of the castle walls of Avis, only three survive the passing of time and one of them is this de São Roque. The other two towers are the de San…

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