Caminho Real do Paúl do Mar (PR19)

A pedestrian trail that is about 1.8 kilometres long, starting at the Prazeres and ending at Paúl do Mar. The descent is along the sea shore with th help of agricultural stone walls.


Caminho Lombo da Rocha


  • Nature
  • 1.80 km

Outdoor activities near Caminho Real do Paúl do Mar (PR19)

Marginal do Porto de Recreio da Calheta

A large and pleasant area with a beautiful garden, restaurants and bars. Ideal for walking, with lovely ocean views.

Percurso de BTT da Lombada dos Cedros

A 4.1 kilometres long mountain biking trail that begins at the Fonte do Bispo and ends in the Lombada dos Cedros.

Percurso de BTT de Casais da Serra - São Lourenço

A mountain biking trail that is about 4.8 kilometres long, starting at the Fonte do Bispo (Cruzinhas) and ending in Casais da Serra/São Lourenço.

Percurso Pedestre da Levada das 25 Fontes (PR6)

A 5 kilometres long pedestrian walk, which mean a 3 to 4 hours stroll. This trail goes along with the Levada do Risco, about 1000 metres high, and passes by th…

Percurso Pedestre da Levada do Risco (PR6.1)

A pedestrian walk that is about 3 kilometres long, where you can enjoy the natural beauties of the island. Despite the easy difficulty level of this trail, on …

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