Fonte Centenária

Seventeenth-century fountain in niche type structure, with range from arch, pilasters, two bicas frowns and tank clipped.


Rua Benemérito Joaquim Rosas


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  • Fountains, Springs & Aqueducts
  • Visitable (no guide)
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Monuments near Fonte Centenária

Tanque de Santo António

Laundry made up of a rectangular tank with inclined sinks in all faces and by a porch, also rectangular, pillared asphalt and roof coverage of four waters.

Capela de Nossa Senhora da Agonia

Chapel of transition from Rococo to neoclassicism, which demonstrates the simplicity of lines. The Rococo style is particularly reflected in the main altarpiec…

Conjunto Fortificado de Caminha

This set consists of curtains of walls and ramparts of the 18th century include the ramparts of the array and San Antonio, the wall of grace and the clock towe…

Igreja de Santo António

Conventual Franciscan church, Mannerist, plant structure and longitudinal nave. Much remodelled in the 18th century in the Baroque style.

Igreja Matriz de Caminha / Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Assunção

This temple with gothic origins was built in granite. The façade presents a renaissance doorway crowned by a rose window and it is sided by a tower. On the int…

Portas do Conjunto Fortificado de Caminha

Traces of the door that was the set walls amaze yourself de Caminha. Are only visible to the two pillars of the door bracket. This is one of the components of …

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