Serra de Montemuro

Comprised between the Douro river, to the north, and the Paiva river, to the south, by the town of Lamego. The hill's peak is named Montemuro, at an altitude of 1381 metres. The entire hill has a lot of relief and it is rather steep on all sides. People inhabit it up to an altitude of 1100 metres, with villages spread along the hill, usually near water courses. The springs of the Varosa river (that separates it from the Leomil hill) and the Balsemão river are located here. It is formed by granite and schist and people lived there since the days of old, as can be seen by its numerous castros (celtic villages). There are also pre-historic tombs known by the name Mamoas da Ouvida. A special note to the Lagoon of Dom João, at an altitude of 1100 metres.


Serra de Montemuro


  • Mountains
  • car access

Natural Resources near Serra de Montemuro

Gruta de Nossa Senhora de Lurdes

Located near the Church of Saint Marinha, this cave was inaugurated in 1896 and is a miniature replica of the cave at Massabiele, in France.

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