Praia Fluvial da Ponte de Colmeal

River beach with a large green area around, very pleasant. Access is via stairs. It tends to be quite busy in the summer. The waters are clear and flowing, and the bathing area is relatively safe, as the watercourse is narrow.


Praia Fluvial da Ponte


  • Riverside beaches
  • car access

Beach near Praia Fluvial da Ponte de Colmeal

Praia Fluvial da Ribeira do Sinhel

A river beach with cobblestones and pleasant green areas around it.

Piscina Fluvial da Ribeira de Amioso

A river beach that belongs to the Amioso Brook, also known as Ribeira Pequena (Small Brook). There is a small natural pool that is quite pleasant in the summer.

Praia Fluvial da Peneda

River beach with a grassy surrounding area, sand island and, nearby, monuments such as the Joanina de Góis bridge and the rest of the historic center.

Praia Fluvial das Canaveias

This beach has a leisure park with barbecues and a picnic area, a playground, pedestrian walks for disabled people, vigilance equipment and a watchguard.

Praia Fluvial do Pêgo Escuro

Beach located next to an old watermill, where, at night, you can see some otters. Around there is a leisure area and a bar.

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