Ruínas Romanas de Tróia

One can get here from Setúbal, by boat or by car on the road that passes Alcácer, Grândola or Santiago do Cacém. The ruins comprise an area with houses, balnearies, swimming pools, a relgious area, four burial areas and industrial areas. One can still view mosaics and stuccos with frescoes. It was occupied from the 1st century AD to the 5th/6th centuries AD.




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Monuments near Ruínas Romanas de Tróia

Azinheira dos Barros, Azinheira dos Barros

Azinheira Barros e São Mamede do Sádão, Azinheira dos Barros

Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Viso

A simple church with a belltower.

Rua Nova, Melides

Cultura saiu à Rua num Dia Assim

A sculpture that was inaugurated on April 25, 2000, in the Church Square, in Melides.

Vale de Figueira, Melides

Dólmen da Pedra Branca

A megalithic monument of the final neolithic/early calcolithic, with a poligonal chamber and a trapeze shaped gallery. It has 7 pillars in the chamber, 5 in th…

Grândola, Grândola

Barragem Romana do Pego da Moura

This roman dam is located in a stream at Pêgo da Moura. In a straight line, it has a maximum height of 3.30 m and covers 2.3 km2. The walls have been built wit…

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