Castelo de Marialva

Classified as a national monument in 1978, the castle which dominates the historical village of Marialva from the top of a cliff probably date from the 12th century or early 13th century, when King Sancho I promoted the settlement of the region. In 1286, King Denis set up one of the many fairs created during his reign, and should date from this period the oval configuration of walls that surround the village, characteristic of the Gothic city perimeter of fortified villages nationals from the late Middle Ages. Although quite ruined, retain their original layout and it is still possible to distinguish the three original doors. From the end of the 15th century; the Castle lost importance, as the new demands of the war made him obsolete. In the mid-17th century, was still used during the peninsular war, but a century later it was already hopelessly abandoned. In the 40 TWENTIETH century, proceeded to the reconstruction of the Tower of homage, as well as numerous sections of wall that threatened to disappear.




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