Castelo de Monção (vestígios)

The primitive Castle, build by Dinis in 1306, there remain only two doors and some excerpts from the medieval wall. The 17th century fortification are examples the door of Salvaterra, some curtains and bastions. The Tower, Dom Pedro I and contemporary of Don Fernando, is another of the remaining elements of the fortress.


Avenida Doutor António Felgueiras


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Monuments near Castelo de Monção (vestígios)

Rua Doutor João de Pinho, Monção

Capela de São Sebastião

Manueline Chapel covered with a dome polinervada with the episcopal coat of arms in the Centre. Has a tomb with an inscription dating from 1531, which houses t…

Praça Deu-Lá-Deu, Monção

Casa do Curro

Also known as Casa do Terreiro, is an urban Palace of rectangular plant. The central body has three floors and, inside, the highlight goes to the staircase wit…

Rua da Independência, Monção

Chafariz da Danaide

Central fountain with 18th-century sculptural representation of the mythical figure of Danaide.

Quinta do Convento dos Capuchos, Monção

Convento de Santo António dos Capuchos

Despite maintaining some Mannerist characteristics, as is the case of two-storey cloister, facade and interior space layout of this convent underwent several c…

Largo São João de Deus, Monção

Fonte da Vila de Monção

Fountain with three cocks. The main façade has the national shield.

Largo dos Neris, Monção

Hospital da Misericórdia de Monção

Hospital building with sober lines and symmetrical. Today's Santa Casa da Misericórdia, hospital assistance and support for the elderly.

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