Fonte Ornamentada


Alameda Zeca Afonso


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Monuments near Fonte Ornamentada

Capela da Misericórdia de Canha

The altar of the chancel has a golden carvings retable and Solomon columns that surround the painted pannels that picture Saint Margareth of Cortona and Saint …

Capela da Quinta do Saldanha

Known as the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Afflicted, this chapel is located in the Saldanha Farm. A special note to the most beautiful marbl Christ on a wooden…

Cruzeiro da Atalaia

A manuelin crucifix in stone, where the image of Christ on the cross and a beheaded pietá are sculpted.

Igreja de Santo Isidro de Pegões

A church with a geometry of the cement architecture. Somewhat unique in its plan, reminding us of the "Estado-Novo" (New State, the right wing political regime…

Igreja de São Jorge e Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Piedade

A temple of baroque features founded in 1740, during the reign of Dom João V. The interior has one sole nave, covered by a ceiling with frescoes and tile panel…

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