Fonte do Frade

Originally, this source was located at the exit of Nisa to the Lady of grace. In 1956 it was moved to the site to this day. Has 3 cocks that shed water for a rectangular sink. The fountain was built in granite and features ornate top.


Praça do Município


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Monuments near Fonte do Frade

Igreja da Misericórdia de Nisa

Monument of religious type consisting of nave, chancel, vestry and a former hospital. The highlight inside goes to the vault, the transept, some decorative det…

Pelourinho de Nisa

It has a three steps pedestal with a rectangular base decorated where the pillory it is settled. It presents a pyramidal shaft and the capital has two frames. …

Porta da Vila de Nisa

This is a medieval door with a round arch supported by two prominent towers with several Coats Of Arms. It is still possible to see the lock holes. One of the …

Porta de Montalvão

This door with an arch has a tombstone framed by the Christ Cross and quinas. It presents three crenels and still possesses the lock holes and boxes.

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