Loca do Cabeço

Monument that marks the spot where the Shepherds will have received the first and third visits of our Lady, in 1916. It is located in the outskirts of Aljustrel.


Caminho dos Pastorinhos


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Outdoor activities near Loca do Cabeço

Avenida João XXIII, Fátima

Caminho dos Pastorinhos

Course that the Shepherds were and where they encountered our Lady. The route includes the House of children and passing on Loca do Anjo, where they received t…

Estrada do Carregal, Ourém

Ciclovia de Ourém

Via where you can ride a bike or skates and skateboards.

Estrada de Fátima (EN 357), Nossa Senhora das Misericórdias

Percurso Pedestre do Bairro Casal Farto

Routing with 12 miles, lasting about five hours and that part and ends in the Natural Monument Dinosaurs Footprints at Serra de Aire.

Caminho dos Pastorinhos, Fátima

Santuário dos Valinhos

Partindo de Aljustrel, pode percorrer a via sacra de Valinhos, seguindo o caminho que Lúcia, Jacinto e Francisco faziam até à Cova da Iria. Esta via sacra tem …

Rua das Termas, Formigais

Nascente do Agroal

Small bathing area on the banks of the river Nabão, an artificial structure that some attribute, wrongly, as being the source of the river Nabão. In that area,…

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