Pelourinho de Louriçal / Cruzeiro de Louriçal

From this pillory transformed into Calvary dated from the 16th century it was only preserved the base and the column.


Rua do Convento


  • Easy external parking
  • Pillories & Stone crosses
  • True

Monuments near Pelourinho de Louriçal / Cruzeiro de Louriçal

Palanque dos Duques de Aveiro

Outdoor grandstand built in masonry and brick, where sat the Dukes of Aveiro when attending public performances. It is located in a large paved, near the Abiul…

Arco Manuelino de Abiúl

Manueline arch that gives access to a Manor, leaning sideways on buildings built subsequently.

Cadeia Velha de Pombal

Chain of cage structure, with two floors, built by Bishop Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, 1st Marquis of Pombal. Abroad, highlighted by a frieze with the ar…

Capela da Misericórdia do Louriçal

Chapel with a nave and a chancel high under the same roof. Highlighting the fact that the Tribune of the examiners to make communication between the House of t…

Igreja do Convento do Louriçal

This church belongs to the Clair sisters Convent constructed on the 18th century. The exterior, simple and deprived, contrasts with the inner space with curved…

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