Located on a plain above the Alva river, Sabugueiro is the highest village in Portugal (an altitude of 1050 metres). It started from the shacks of sheperds that used the mountain's pastures for their sheep and their goats. The engraving on the rock by the Canariz Fountain is a testimony to the peopling of the area in remote times. Even though there are still shepherds and related activities (wool and cheese production), rural tourism has developed in the last few years and there are several typical houses currently adapted. The shpherds still move to the Douro region in the winter and to the mountain in the summer as in the old days of Viriato. There is a communal oven in the parish, as well as several local craftswork shops. The Fervença Waterfall, that changes ots aspect according to the seasons, and the old Covão Grande glacier, currently used for mountaineering and for walks, stand out. Sabugueiro is an obligatory visit for those who come to the Estrela Mountain. The village's cultural and architectural heritage includes the mother church, the churche's crucifix, the Ferreiro (blacksmith) fountain and the ethongraphic museum. The local gastronomy boasts the queijo da serra (Estrela mountain cheese) and the sausages, as well as the roasted kind and the trout.




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