Where to eat in Miranda do Douro

Largo da Igreja, 27 - Residencial Gabriela, Sendim



It is said that here will be born the celebrated tested for more than 90 years Mirandese, the same age at which this establishment works, always by the same fa…

Rua Rainha Dona Catarina, 1, Miranda do Douro



Balbina is the name of the restaurant and the owner, who is also the chef. With simple decor and attentive service, renowned in the region for home cooking typ…

Largo do Castelo, 1, Miranda do Douro

Capa d'Honras


The Cape d ' restaurant Honors is situated in the historical centre of Miranda do Douro and offers a menu based on the barbecue and oven. Examples are the Lamb…

Rua do Mercado, 53-55, Miranda do Douro



Friendly and cosy restaurant, located in the city centre, whose specialty is the famous made Mirandesa.

Rua Dom Dinis, 7, Miranda do Douro

O Mirandês


Simple and cozy house, serving regional cuisine, prepared with care. Are essentially regional wines and served in carafe.

Rua do Mercado, 47-C, Miranda do Douro

O Moinho

Italian; Portuguese

Simple and modern space, specializing in pizzas and other quick dishes.

EN221, Sendim

O Encontro


Restaurant in the hotel with the same name, to offer good home cooking to favour regional flavours. Warm and elegant space, divided into two rooms, and can rec…

Rue Abade de Baçal, 61, Miranda do Douro

Santa Cruz - ZIP


Nice restaurant, housed in a hostel located in the historic area, offering good national and regional dishes.

Rue Mouzinho de Albuquerque, 20, Miranda do Douro

São Pedro


Elegant and pleasant space to serve true delicacies from the kitchen, made with the finest mirandese meats of the region: the veal, lamb meat mirandese and cab…

Rua do Mercado, lote 4, Miranda do Douro

Pizzaria Gorgonzola


Warmly decorated space, offering fantastic views over the Douro River and great pizzas made with quality ingredients. Be sure to try the garlic bread.

Rua 25 de Abril, 18, Miranda do Douro



Largo da Cruz, 18, Bragança


Portuguese; Regional