Where to sleep in Constância

Rua Luís de Camões, 48, Constância

Quinta de Santa Bárbara, Constância

Quinta de Santa Bárbara

The Manor of the Quinta de Santa Bárbara, dating from the 15th century, was adapted to Rural tourism in the seventies of the last century. The interior conserv…

Rua João Chagas, Constância

Casa João Chagas

Set in a 19th-century building, this hotel is situated in the historic centre of Constancy, and have available, in the main building, four rooms "twin", a doub…

Praça Alexandre Herculano, 18, Constância

EN3 - Caminho da Quinta do Pinhal, Constância

Quinta do Pinhal

Former farm transformed into a House of rural tourism, where you can relax in full contact with nature. Offers eight homes recovered, a dance bar, a swimming p…

Rua das Flores, 27, Constância

Rua da Palmeira, 2, Constância

Rua do Pombal, 10, Constância

Alverangel, Tomar

Quinta do Troviscal

Relatively close to Tomar, this traditional house lies on the Castelo de Bode dam. Here the baths are unforgettable, as well as fishing and walks in rowboats. …

Rua de Vale Manso - Albufeira de Castelo de Bode, Aldeia do Mato

Hotel Segredos de Vale Manso

4 star

The Hotel Secrets of Vale Manso results from alterations to the former Estalagem Vale Manso. This luxury hotel provides a luxurious stay in a space where every…

EN358, Tomar

Quinta do Valle

Near Tomar, this 16TH-century farmhouse, is composed of a set of homes whose architecture is a beauty worthy of caveat, typical of the agricultural houses riba…

EN3, Vila Nova da Barquinha

Hotel Soltejo

1 star

Welcoming, offering unpretentious yet functional rooms and a nice restaurant.

Rua Direita, 95, Chamusca

Rua Direita, 95, Chamusca

Largo do Primeiro de Dezembro, 4, Vila Nova da Barquinha

Largo do Primeiro de Dezembro, 9, Vila Nova da Barquinha

Rua de Baixo, 39, Carregueira

Quinta do Lagar

In the parish of Carregueira, municipality of Chamusca in transition zone of the Moor for the Tagus Valley and a few miles North of the castle of Almourol, lie…

EN 358 - Km 1,9, Tomar

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