Where to sleep in Funchal

Estrada do Caldeirão, Corvo

Caminho do Areeiro, Corvo

Caminho do Areeiro, Vila do Corvo

Caminho da Várzea, Corvo

Rua Professor Serpa, 3, Lajedo

Aldeia da Cuada, Fajã Grande

Aldeia da Cuada

Tourist village consisting of ten houses in stone recovered showing, nowadays, comfortable facilities and practices. The surrounding area is extremely beautifu…

Estrada Regional da Fajã Grande, Fajã Grande

Fajã Grande, Fajã Grande

Rua da Assomada, Fajã Grande

Rua Senador André de Freitas, 5, Fajã Grande


Ancient palatial house located near the Church of Fajã Grande, offering five bedrooms in the main house and two independent rooms in the House Via d ´ water. W…

Rua da Tronqueira, 28, Fajã Grande

Rua Via d'Água, 4, Fajã Grande

Rua Professora Cândida Dias, Fajã Grande

Rua Maria do Carmo, 9, Fajã Grande

Rua ViaDaugua, 14, Fajã Grande

Rua Via d'Água, Fajã Grande

Rua do Porto, 5, Fajã Grande

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