Where to sleep in Portugal

Rua do Mar, Velas

São Pedro, Urzelina

Serroa - Beira, Velas

Avenida do Livramento, Velas

Quinta do Canavial

Quinta do Canavial offers you a familiar and welcoming environment. This farm over the years has always been a symbol and pride of all People. Features a total…

Avenida do Livramento, 65, Velas

Rua Doutor Prudêncio Teles, 3, Ribeiras

Quinta das Figueiras, 7, Rosais

Rua da Ribeira da Urze, Prainha

Quinta da Ribeira da Urze

Quinta da Ribeira da Urze apparent from the rehabilitation of two houses and a granary. Away from the movement and restlessness of the city world, Quinta da Ri…

Ribeira do Belo, 9, Rosais

Casa Correia

Casa de campo with over 200 years of history, recovered in 2003 while preserving current moth. Offering beautiful views of Pico and Faial. Arranges for guests …

Rua Doutor Machado Serpa, 9, Lajes do Pico

Avenida Marginal, 1, Lajes do Pico

Alojamento Bela Vista

Simple and modern residential offering 19 rooms, all well equipped and with beautiful views of the mountain and the ocean. Located in the Centre of the Whaler …

Rua dos Baleeiros, 13, Lajes do Pico

Whale'Come ao Pico

2 star

Hotel in the tourist animation company Space Thalassa, standing next to the Base of observation of Cetaceans in the Azores and the Museum of the Whalers of Laj…

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