Igreja Matriz de Alfândega da Fé


Largo Arcebispo Dom José de Moura
5350-034,Alfândega da Fé


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Monuments near Igreja Matriz de Alfândega da Fé

Rua das Barreirinhas, Alfândega da Fé

Largo de São Sebastião, Alfândega da Fé

Capela de São Sebastião

Baroque chapel of simple rectangular plant, with coverage in gable roof and a façade crowned by a belfry. It is believed that it was built between the 16th cen…

Rua 13 de Janeiro, 68, Alfândega da Fé

Casa dos Mendonças

Rectangular plant building of type palacete, consisting of a rectangular plant with one and two floors. It was probably built in the 18th century, working in t…

Largo da Misericórdia, Alfândega da Fé

Igreja da Misericórdia de Alfândega da Fé

Baroque church of longitudinal plant consisting of a single nave, a chancel and a frontispiece in gable truncated by a Bell. Inside, the Baroque-style national…

Rua 1 de Maio, Alfândega da Fé

Ponte do Arquinho

Neoclassical bridge, probably built in the 19th century, consisting of a horizontal Board settles on a round arch with cushioned staves.

Avenida Doutor Francisco Sá Carneiro, Alfândega da Fé

Portal de Entrada da Casa dos Mendonças

Mannerist granite Portal, probably built in the last quarter of the 17th century. Presents a rectum with padded shoulders flanked by two Tuscan columns socks a…

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