Muralhas da Praça de Almeida

The Praça-Forte de Almeida, built during the 17th century, is the main ex-libris of the walled town. From an aerial view, it is possible to accurately identify a huge 12-pointed star surrounding its well-preserved walls, a National Monument since 1910. In Praça-Forte, several historical battles took place, given its proximity to the Spanish border, and here takes place recreations that usually attract a lot of public. The largest recreates the famous explosion of 1810, during the French invasions. Take a good look at the Double Doors of Santo António and São Francisco.




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Monuments near Muralhas da Praça de Almeida

Picadeiro d' El Rey

Esta construção grandiosa, de planta poligonal irregular, situa-se no Baluarte de Nossa Senhora das Brotas, e teve várias utilizações, como Trem de Artilharia …

Casa do Brigadeiro Vicente Delgado Freire

Residential architecture, rectangular plant consisting of two floors. The portal is the Center lacks ornaments, unlike this stone with ornate late-Baroque expr…

Casa do Governador da Praça de Almeida General João Dantas da Cunha

Residential home designed by Alberto Vilhena de Carvalho and José Vilhena de Carvalho. Consisting of two floors based on a rectangular plant, the facade is dis…

Casa do Marechal de Campo Leitão de Carvalho

Residential building with two floors and regular composition, since on the facade can be seen two doors topped by two Windows arranged symmetrically. In the mi…

Casa dos Governadores da Praça de Almeida / Vedoria Geral da Beira

Building designed by António de Azevedo and Miguel Luís Old Jacob, of military, administrative and residential type, composed of two floors arranged in a quadr…

Castelo de Almeida

The Castelo de Almeida ruins can be found in the village's walled enclosure and are classified as a National Monument. Its origin is either Muslim or Leonese, …

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