Zona Balnear do Negrito

Is a bathing area formed by a Bay in an area of fairly low coast and flat bottom, composed mostly by large basalt slabs.


ER 1-1
9700,Angra do Heroísmo


  • Seaside beaches
  • car access
  • blue flag}
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Beach near Zona Balnear do Negrito

Porto das Cinco Ribeiras

Bathing and fishing area framed in the area of the Serra de Santa Bárbara. Highlighting its natural pools formed by volcanic rocks and to your campsite.

Baía de Salga

Bathing area located on the south coast of the island. The area is known for the famous Battle of Salga, which was fought here between a Castilian landing forc…

Baía do Refugo

Small Rocky Bay located in Porto Judeu, from where one can see the Ilhéus das Cabras.

Marina de Angra do Heroísmo

Opened in 2004, with space for about 300 vessels and various support infrastructures. Monte Brasil and its lighthouse are the reference points for vessels.

Zona Balnear da Prainha

Located next to the marina of Angra do Heroísmo, this beach is the only existing sand beach in town and therefore quite crowded. Has support structures and is …

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