The original concept of brunch refers to a "two-in-one" breakfast-lunch combination. However, many restaurants have adapted it to the habits of the Portuguese, defining a later time, ending up being more a combination of lunch with snack time. The concept has quickly won enthusiastic supporters and today we can say that the brunch has come to stay! There is plenty to choose from, so All About Portugal has left out the buffet-styled brunches and selected only more intimate spaces with table service. If you have no plans for the weekend, there are a few suggestions to open your appetite.

Apartamento Café & Snack Bar

If the idea is to relax as if you were at home, the Apartamento Café e Snack Bar is an excellent option. It has several brunch menus, but you can also order à la carte, there are plenty of options. We recommend the savoury crepes and the pancakes. Here's a tip: order a cappuccino and surprise yourself with "coffee art"!

Eleven Lab – Honest Food Concept

With a privileged location in front of the river Douro, this modern and elegant space was once a clothing store and a café, but it soon became a healthy food restaurant, due to the success of its dishes. Here, fresh ingredients are preferred over processed ones. Brunch is à la carte and there are lots of choices, such as bowls, pancakes, toast and eggs.

Honolulu Coffee Shop & Comfort Food

The Hawaiian decor, with flowers and a plank on the wall, leaves no room for doubt and seems to greet us with an "Aloha!" as soon as we enter. The famous poke bowls are the speciality of the house, but there are many brunch options, either on the menu or à la carte. The highlights of this Coffee Shop are the pancakes, tapiocas and home-made cakes.


Hidden in the marketplace of Matosinhos, we find this pearl of flavours of the world. The Mafalda's is a small space and the decor is simple but their dishes will leave you wanting more. They serve brunch only on Saturdays and the menu is always different, flavoured by the taste of the fresh produce one finds in the market. Combine lighter, healthier dishes with decadently delectable desserts!

Do Norte Café

It belongs to the same owners of Hungry Biker, but this space is more welcoming and relaxed, with earthy décor that invites to a longer meal. Sit in its inner garden, order one of the brunch menus and enjoy the good music.

Miss Pavlova

It is redundant to state Miss Pavlova's speciality, but do not think the menu comes down to this meringue dessert. With the powerful name "Mr. Brunch ", here brunch is available every day, anytime, and is selected à la carte. Between bruschettas, eggs, pancakes and, of course, pavlovas, you will surrender to this colourful and delicious menu.

Negra Café

The Negra Café is a unique space, with a careful and irreverent decoration, divided into several spaces, including a children's corner. Between old sewing machines and a jukebox, the smell of home-made cakes reigns. There is no fixed brunch menu, but on the menu you will find everything you need, especially smoothie bowls and toasts.

Nola Kitchen

In addition to serving essentially healthy food, Nola Kitchen mainly manufactures organic products and uses no plastics. It offers three brunch menus with the suggestive names "I like brunch", "I love brunch" and "I can not live without brunch", available until 12.30 p.m. during the week and, at weekends, throughout the day. If you prefer, you can choose à la carte.

O Diplomata

The Diplomat is a historical café, where you can breathe poetry, and enjoy the same atmosphere as the poets who attended the place in the 60s. Their famous pancakes are present in their four brunch menus, but there are many more options that you can choose from separately, such as smoothie bowls and toasts. Since the space is small, you can opt for the Consulado, in the area of Cedofeita, managed by the same owners.

Zenith Brunch & Cocktails

The concept of Zenith Brunch & Cocktails is simple: a cool, relaxed space with vintage industrial decor, serving brunch at any hour of the day. The brunch is served à la carte, where you can find delicacies such as pancakes, tapioca, eggs and smoothie bowls. To accompany perfectly, you can choose between several assorted cocktails and speciality coffee.