Meet 10 Portuguese football teams with history

They once shone in big stadiums, but today they compete in secondary divisions. There are Portuguese football teams that have dozens of participations in the Premier League and that are currently struggling to return to the matches with the "big ones". Get to know some of these teams.


Where to rest after work in Porto

After a long day, nothing better than enjoying those hours, after work and before dinner, to rest your body and mind. T…


The best places to eat "francesinha" in Porto

Visiting Porto and not eating a francesinha is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope. Season your trip with the be…

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Portuguese locations with funny names

Have you ever imagined yourself at Paraíso (Paradise) or at Purgatório (Purgatory)? These are just two examples of the …


Street Markets in Portugal: a secular tradition

From the Algarve to Minho, there are many street markets in Portugal where you can buy a wide variety of products. Some…

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Find out 20 villages near Porto

Find out 20 villages near Porto and travel trough both worlds: the cosmopolitanism of a big city and the quietness of t…


10 Adventure Parks from North to South of Portugal

With more or less adrenaline, depending on each one's taste, there are Adventure Parks throughout Portugal, which will …


10 artisan bakeries and pastries in Porto city

If you are unfamiliar with the wonderful world of slow-fermented and sourdough bread, discover 10 artisanal bakeries an…

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Music in Porto: 10 mandatory stops for music lovers

Can't live without music… even (or especially) when you're on vacation? Portuguese musician Manuel Justo, from the band…

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Free or low cost activities with children in Porto area

It's not always easy to find activities, for children, that are different and are not heavy for your wallet, but All Ab…

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Santos Populares: itinerary for the São João night in Porto

Music, grilled sardines and lots of entertainment on the longest night in “Cidade Invicta”: the festivities of São João…

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Seven hotels that combine relaxation and Faith

Settle down in one of the accommodation we suggest you and enter another dimension, in an invigorating alliance between…


Virtual tours: fall in love with Portugal without leaving home

From Castles to Palaces or Museums, there are iconic sites, from North to South of the country, which offer virtual tou…

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