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The best Nature destinations with children

Are you in need of a few days off with your family that combine Nature with children? All About Portugal chose ten perf…


Unmissable religious tours in Portugal

Portugal is not only about Fátima when it comes to religious itineraries that attract many believers or the curious one…

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Seven hotels that combine relaxation and Faith

Settle down in one of the accommodation we suggest you and enter another dimension, in an invigorating alliance between…


Virtual tours: fall in love with Portugal without leaving home

From Castles to Palaces or Museums, there are iconic sites, from North to South of the country, which offer virtual tou…

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Spring Break: the almond blossom route

The days grow longer, the temperature rises, and spring gives its first signs. Follow us through 10 destinations where …


Attractions in Porto: an itinerary to experience the city

.Porto, or “Invicta” as it is also known, has been voted the best European destination more than once. There are a lot …


Mountain Villages: what to see near Serra da Estrela

Snow is the main attraction in winter, but in the area of the majestic Serra da Estrela Mountain Villages are not lacki…


Christmas with children: 8 family attractions

Christmas with children is magical and synonymous with joy and some excitement. All About Portugal unveils eight places…


6 original ideas for New Year's Eve

Dare to think outside the box with All About Portugal. Discover six original ideas for a memorable New Year's Eve.


The best cruises in the Douro

The cruises in the Douro are tours much sought-after by tourists, Portuguese, and foreigners, who want to get to know t…

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The best beaches for children in the Azores

Set off on a dream trip to the Archipelago, for a family holiday, and discover the best beaches for children in the Azo…

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What to see in Foz Côa: rock art, Nature and wines

All About Portugal has designed an itinerary with everything you should visit in Foz Côa. Without forgetting, of course…

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