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Spring Break: the almond blossom route

The days grow longer, the temperature rises, and spring gives its first signs. Follow us through 10 destinations where you can enjoy a true spectacle of Nature: the Almond Blossoms

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Free entry museums in Lisbon

To go against the idea that art and culture are expensive, All About Portugal suggests a tour of the free entry museums…


Suggestions: Discover what to do in Lisbon in the winter

The Portuguese capital city has a lot to visit and experience at any time of year. Don't miss Lisbon in the winter, bec…


Where to see snow in Portugal

Seeing snow is always a magical event, especially for those who are not used to it. All About Portugal suggests six pla…


Go on an adventure on an extreme itinerary for children

Do you want to live a different day with the children and provide them with an extreme experience with lots of fun? The…


Serra da Estrela: what to see if the snow cuts off access to the Tower

Climbing to the highest point in mainland Portugal is a goal for anyone visiting Serra da Estrela in the winter. And if…

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Christmas Getaways: 10 Places to Explore in Portugal

We do not have one, or two, not even three; we have 10 Christmas getaways for a big weekend, as a couple or as a family…


Christmas Sweets: 9 Recipes to Make at Home

There are traditions that must be preserved. A rich and colourful table, full of Christmas sweets, is essential for an …

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Christmas Gifts: The Best Portugal Has to Offer

Ho, ho, ho! We are counting down to the most festive and familiar time of the year, Christmas. All About Portugal is al…


Discover 10 natural wonders in the inland area of Portugal

The inland area of Portugal “hides” true treasures of Nature that are worth a trip to this fertile region of Natural He…

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Holidays with children: breaks before going back to school

Before going back to school, we suggest 10 breaks, so you can say goodbye to the summer with your family


Summer Picnics in Lisbon and Porto

As soon as summer arrives, arises the desire to go out for lunch, gather friends and spend quality time in the middle o…


Best places to camp with kids

For a child, camping under the stars and reading a story with a lantern light, is an unforgettable adventure, which he/…

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