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Portuguese locations with funny names

Have you ever imagined yourself at Paraíso (Paradise) or at Purgatório (Purgatory)? These are just two examples of the many Portuguese towns with funny names that you'll want to visit.

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8 villages near the border that are worth visiting

These villages close to the border will seduce you for their historical, natural and gastronomic richness. Discover eig…

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New Year's Eve in Madeira and Azores: 8 unmissable suggestions

Changing scenery to welcome the new year is half the battle to getting off on the right foot, so let yourself be tempte…

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Writers' Houses to discover in Portugal

All About Portugal has prepared a literary itinerary to tour Portugal and explore the homes of great Portuguese writers.

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Holidays with friends: group activities for the summer

Summer means doing different things Follow All About Portugal's suggestions and make your holidays with friends or fami…


Vacation alone: summer activities to do without company

Going on vacation alone? Check out All About Portugal's suggestions and get ready for an incredible summer in the best …

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Santos Populares: itinerary for the São João night in Porto

Music, grilled sardines and lots of entertainment on the longest night in “Cidade Invicta”: the festivities of São João…

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Religious monuments in Portugal: discover the most popular ones

Inspired by the Gods, imagined and built by men, these are some of the most popular Portuguese religious monuments, rel…

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Friendscation in Portugal: Holidays with friends in Nature

Everything tastes better when shared with friends, and that's why All About Portugal shares some suggestions for memora…

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Religious tourism in the Algarve: the 10 most beautiful churches

If, for you, Algarve means just beaches and good food, don't be fooled, as there is much more to see there. Discover th…

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Spring Break: the almond blossom route

The days grow longer, the temperature rises, and spring gives its first signs. Follow us through 10 destinations where …

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Feeling the North: (almost) secret places

If you are already preparing your next vacation in Northern Portugal, don't miss the (almost) secret places that All Ab…

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Boticas: a Tour through Terras de Barroso

In the heart of Alto Tâmega, Boticas is a bucolic mountain village with a lot to offer to its visitors. Follow All Abou…

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