Summer Festivals in Portugal: holidays, sun and good music

From June to September, there are festivals for all tastes and pockets, from north to south of the country. All About Portugal prepared the party plan.

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Where to see the stars in Portugal

Get ready for a unique celestial experience and discover where to see the stars in Portugal.

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Spring Break: the almond blossom route

The days grow longer, the temperature rises, and spring gives its first signs. Follow us through 10 destinations where …

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From Castro Marim to Cape St. Vicent: an Easter road trip in Algarve

Algarve has much more to offer than just its beaches in the Summer. All About Portugal gives you 10 reasons to travel t…

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Free entry museums in Porto

Explore Invicta's cultural richness at zero cost: visit the free museums in Porto and immerse yourself in the city's hi…

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Carnival Break in Portugal

Whether you love wild parties or prefer the beauty and quietness of Nature, we leave you with seven suggestions for a C…

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The 10 Best Winter Destinations in Portugal

Cold does not have to mean staying at home. Discover the best winter destinations in Portugal and go on an adventure, o…

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Christmas Getaways: 10 Places to Explore in Portugal

We do not have one, or two, not even three; we have 10 Christmas getaways for a big weekend, as a couple or as a family…

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30 lighthouses in Portugal to discover

All About Portugal introduces you to 30 lighthouses in Portugal, spread across the entire coast.

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Discover 6 Nature's phenomena in Portugal

Join All About Portugal on this adventure and discover some Nature's phenomena in Portugal that will conquer you for it…

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Holidays with children: breaks before going back to school

Before going back to school, we suggest 10 breaks, so you can say goodbye to the summer with your family

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Discover Lisbon: excursions to coastal towns and beaches

Get to know the Lisbon area through unforgettable excursions to the most emblematic coastal towns and truly dream beach…

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Santos Populares: itinerary for the São João night in Porto

Music, grilled sardines and lots of entertainment on the longest night in “Cidade Invicta”: the festivities of São João…

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