Almond Blossoms symbolize a time of rebirth, after the winter difficulties. From the North to the Algarve, with the first signs of spring, pink and white become the predominant colors in Nature and many places are decked out and perfumed to receive one of Mother Nature's most romantic moments. Legend has it that almond trees appeared in Portugal thanks to the young Moorish king Ibn-Almundim who had them cultivated to please his Nordic princess, Gilda, who missed the snow in her homeland. Truth or legend, this stunning scenery, which inspired so many spring romances and artists (like Vincent Van Gogh in his painting “Almond Blossom”), should be a must on any travel wishlist.

Breathe, reborn, (re) fall in love and get inspired with All About Portugal. List the 10 destinations where you can see the Almond Blossoms and also take the opportunity to discover the traditions and historical, natural and gastronomic heritage of these places. But hurry up, it's a show that lasts just over two weeks.