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But, bags aside: If you want to explore the nightlife of the capital to the fullest but don't know where to start, we have five bars and two nightclub suggestions ready to impress!



Bar 1: Sky Bar by SEEN
Any ‘Lisboeta’ has heard of Sky, the city's most iconic rooftop, where nightlife lovers have been gathering for over 10 years. However, this is still unknown to most outsiders.

A casual chic space, Sky Bar by SEEN boasts an eclectic crowd, very tasty drinks, and one of the best views of the city (especially during the late afternoon). It's the perfect place to start a summer night in the capital. If you need to store your bags around the Avenida da Liberdade area, it's good to know in advance that there are several luggage storage points nearby.

Bar 2: Red Frog
Located in Praça da Alegria, in Lisbon, Red Frog is one of the most charismatic bars in the city. To enter, you must ring the doorbell, which gives it an aura of exclusivity and mystery; but there's more!

Inside the bar, you'll find not only an excellent selection of cocktails but also a sophisticated ambiance that has been compared to the illegal bars of the Prohibition era in the United States. Despite Red Frog's elegant look, prices are not prohibitive.

Bar 3: Foxtrot
Another local classic with international appeal, Foxtrot is a bar with almost half a century of existence, but it never disappoints. If your goal is to socialize with ‘Lisboetas’ and tourists in a friendly environment, with access to spirited beverages, Foxtrot is the place to be.

Inside, Foxtrot also has a popular reserved garden and a snooker and billiards table. As if that weren't enough, the bar also has the peculiarity of serving meals until 1:30 in the morning! The house specialty is Bife à Foxtrot.

Bar 4: By the Wine
Lisbon still has a good number of typical offerings, but it is increasingly a city for lovers of refined experiences. In operation since 2015, By the Wine is one of the bars that best reflects the more refined side of the new Lisbon.

If you like to start your nights out with intimate conversation and a good glass of wine, you'll love By the Wine. In addition to quality drinks, the bar also offers a luxury menu with Mediterranean-inspired delicacies. Remember that you can store your bags nearby at a luggage storage facility, either in Chiado or in Cais do Sodré.

Bar 5: Pavilhão Chinês
If you want to show the Lisbon nightlife to a foreign friend and don't know which is the best bar to start with, head to Príncipe Real and sit at the table in the peculiar Pavilhão Chinês. As unbelievable as it may seem, this discreet space in the capital is a kind of fusion between a bar and an antique museum.

After all, Pavilhão Chinês was created by the owner of Foxtrot and used to store his personal collection of antique items. Just on the shelves, Pavilhão Chinês already guarantees hours and hours of fun!



Nightclub 1: Outra Cena
Often compared to the unmistakable Berghain, Berlin's largest nightclub, Outra Cena is the new darling of Lisbon nightlife, especially for those who love electronic music and parties that never end.

Outra Cena attracts a trendy crowd, but it's not pretentious at all; the space is stripped-down and industrial, which makes it perfect for hosting internationally renowned DJs. Outra Cena also supports local artists, with highlights including names like Bleid, DJ Lynce, or DJ Firmeza (Príncipe Discos).

Nightclub 2: Lux Frágil
The perennially stylish nightclub in the capital, Lux Frágil opened its doors for the first time in 1998. Since then (with a few breaks in between), it has been one of the focal points of Lisbon's nightlife, attracting resident DJs like the iconic Rui Vargas and captivating the attention of many Portuguese as well as foreigners.

If you want to be where "the action is happening" in Lisbon's nightlife, Lux Frágil is the right bet. It's a dynamic nightclub, full of surprises, and where the party is always guaranteed!

Going Out at Night in Lisbon: Important Tips
Safety should always be a priority, even if your goal is to go out at night and have fun. To explore the nightlife of the capital without taking risks, it is recommended to:

Go out at night in a group setting: Avoid walking alone in Lisbon at night, especially if you're not familiar with the city;
Make a party plan: If you know where you want to go, you're less likely to get lost or spend money in bars and nightclubs that don't interest you;
Call a taxi or Uber: Even if you have a car in Lisbon, it's better to leave it in the garage before going out at night! There are always taxis and other transportation services in the capital, so there's no excuse for drinking and driving;
Drink water: Going out at night and drinking alcohol always go hand in hand, but drinking water throughout the night not only helps you stay hydrated and energized, but also minimizes the hangover the next day;
Respect local customs: Going out at night is about having fun and feeling comfortable, as long as you respect local customs, other people, and everyone working in bars and nightclubs.
Finally, don't forget to be responsible and drink in moderation! The memories of the night before are always the most fun, so it doesn't make sense to drink until you forget...