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Portuguese locations with funny names

Have you ever imagined yourself at Paraíso (Paradise) or at Purgatório (Purgatory)? These are just two examples of the many Portuguese towns with funny names that you'll want to visit.

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New Year's Eve in Madeira and Azores: 8 unmissable suggestions

Changing scenery to welcome the new year is half the battle to getting off on the right foot, so let yourself be tempte…


The best beaches for children in Madeira

It is a family holiday destination much sought-after by Portuguese and foreigners. Among stunning landscapes, All About…

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What to see in Porto Santo, the island that is good for your health

All About Portugal has prepared an itinerary with what to see in Porto Santo, from the best places to wellness and heal…


Hotels for adults: peaceful holidays without children

Children are the best in the world, but sometimes adults (parents or not) need a break to recharge their batteries. If …


The Best Places to Dive in Portugal

The extensive coastline available is one of the reasons that makes diving in Portugal an increasingly popular option. A…

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Fishermen and Tradition: The Most Beautiful Fishing Villages

All About Portugal drew up a route through some of the most beautiful fishing villages in Portugal, which have withstoo…


Levada Walks in Madeira: 10 Routes for an Unforgettable Adventure

If you are a passionate fan of nature hikes and need a good excuse to visit the island of Madeira, All About Portugal p…

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10 Free New Year's Eve Programs in Portugal

From north to south of the country, also passing through the islands, there is guaranteed animation and a lot of music …

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Road Trip in Madeira: Christmas Holidays with the Kids

What better destination for a magical Christmas holiday than the Pearl of the Atlantic? Embark on this enchanted road t…


Restaurants for Celiacs: Where Gluten Does Not Enter

For a celiac, eating out does not have to be a nightmare. Discover the six gluten free restaurants certified by the Por…


The Best Regional Sweets of Portugal

Is there a better reason to visit a place than to taste a typical sweet? Discover 12 good – and tempting – reasons to k…

Portugal On The Road

Hole in One: 15 Dreamy Golf Courses in Portugal

Playing while admiring a breathtaking scenery is just one of the attractions that both professional and amateur golfers…

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