Torre do Relógio do Barreiro

The clocktower, dating back to 1928, was the first telephone central of the internal net of the CUF. It has two clocks and a tile panel above the main door.


Rua da C.U.F.


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Monuments near Torre do Relógio do Barreiro

Escultura da CUF

A simple scultpure that alludes to the centenary of CUF, 1865-1965. It is about 2 metres tall and is located in the centre of a roundabout.

Escultura de Luís Lázaro Zamenhof

Simple sculpture honoring Dr. Lejzer Zamenhof, creator of Esperanto.

Moinho de Maré Pequeno

Ruins of an old mill, dating back to the 17th century, with three millstones.

Igreja da Misericórdia do Barreiro

Dated 1569, this small temple features a single nave covered with 18th century tiles. On the façade one can observe a Mannerist portal, which bears the name of…

Edifício da Estação do Barreiro

A building where the Barreiro CP train station used to function, inaugurated in 1881. Its main façade faces Lisbon.

Edificio das Oficinas Gerais do Caminho de Ferro

A large building of 1864 where the CP (train company) main ateliers function. Until 1933 it was the main river station of the CP, where the trains arrived and …

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