Edifício do Teatro Eduardo Brazão

Italian classical theatre in Horseshoe, very rare in Portugal. Inside, the structure of wooden cabins with Golden stucco decorative applications. The eclectic decorative elements are visible, too, in the Hall: the walls decorated by frames with shell motifs and festoons (neoclassical) with symbols depicting the theater, in stucco. There are also suggestions of neo-Baroque style and new artwork (the Iron Guard window).


Rua Dom Nuno Álvares Pereira, 25


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Monuments near Edifício do Teatro Eduardo Brazão

Capela da Madre de Deus

Mannerist Chapel of rectangular plan consists of nave and a chancel. Magnification in the late works suffered from the 16th century. Inside, a mural on the cei…

Edifício dos Paços do Concelho de Bombarral

Former Palace in the Hague, rebuilt in 1751. It was then adapted the Paços do Concelho in 1949. Includes the garden and the forest with forest species, which c…

Padrão Comemorativo dos Aviadores

Default revival, neo-Manueline commemorative, with a structure that mimics a Manueline pillory, especially at the base and the shaft.

Palácio Gorjão / Palácio dos Coimbras

This building was constructed on the 17th century. It possesses noble façades where the doorway with a Coat of Arms and the bay windows stand out. Currently it…

Quinta das Cerejeiras

This Thursday is a 17TH century tile Panel, a small Museum and a wine shop with several products from the farm.

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