Repositório Histórico do Vinho dos Mortos

Small museum dedicated to the theme of the "Wine of the dead". Were the French invasions that came cause the appearance of this today is a real ex-libris of Boticas. It was during the second French invasion (1808) and in face of the advance of the troops commanded by General Soult, which in its passage all pillaged, pillaged and destroyed, the population of Boticas, to try to defend its heritage, decided to hide by burying, what was more valuable. The wine was buried in the floor of cellars, on clay, under the cask and mills. Later, after the French were expelled, the inhabitants recovered their homes and remaining possessions. To dig up the wine, tried him ruined. However, they were pleased to see that much tastier as it had acquired new properties. It was a wine with a graduation of 10th\/11th, pallet, apaladado, and with some natural gas, which resulted from the circumstance of having produced a fermentation in the dark at constant temperature.
For being "buried" was renamed as "Wine of the dead" and went on to use this technique, discovered occasionally to better conserve and optimize their quality.


Rua de Santo Aleixo, 29


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