Fajã do Além

Access to this fajã, located between Fajã de São João and the Fajã do Lava, through a narrow path, where you can enjoy fantastic panoramic views. This way, however, is only possible on foot, donkey or horse. The various existing homes here are nowadays inhabited only on weekends. The land is used for agricultural purposes, essentially to grow yams and vineyards.


Fajã do Além


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Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

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Fajã da Fragueira

This small fajã is currently uninhabited, although he continued to be used by the inhabitants of the nearby village of Portal to grow corn and sweet potatoes. …

Fajã da Neca

Small fajã located west of Fajã das Pontas, where there's a handful of houses, some with cistern. Passes through here-although only in winter-a small ribeira. …

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Accessible by car almost all the way up to its completion, the Fajã de São João, the largest fajã da costa South of the municipality of Calheta, is local in pa…

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