Calheta de São Jorge

The village of Calheta was founded in the late 15th century (1483) and developed quickly, therefore becoming the county seat from 1534. With the extinction of the Topo county (in 1867), the municipality of Calheta started occupying an area of 126.5 km2, that matches with the entire eastern part of São Jorge island. Alongside with the neighbor county of Velas, the great tourist attraction are the Fajãs, which are cultivation sites situated on the beachfront and that are surrounded by steep cliffs. Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo stands out among these beautiful places of coexistence between nature and man. In economic terms, the calhetenses seek their livelihood in the sea, agriculture and livestock. In recent years tourism has made it possible to open new horizons to this rural county. However, this trend is still very incipient and seasonal. It is not surprising that the number of inhabitants in the municipality has progressively decreased: it has nowadays less than 4000 inhabitants, of whom 1200 reside in the village center. But the wealth is not measured only by economic and demographic indicators. The region's landscape owns an immense wealth and conquers every tourist who goes there!

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